Who we are

Redwood Investments (RWI) is a real estate investment firm based in Orange county, California.

Redwood Investments’ philosophy is driven by the belief that businesses can be built to benefit people and communities while being profitable. We take a people first approach where we work with sellers to ensure the speed of the transaction suits their goals for the next phase in their lives.

The houses we purchase go through an extensive rehabilitation process to ensure that the next family that moves in takes over a clean, well priced home which maintains neighborhood values and will serve the buyers well over the next few decades.

Our team of CPAs, attorneys and realtors can easily walk a homeowner through the complex process of a traditional sale, a short sale, a probate sale or other encumbrances which would stall a conventional sale on the open market.

We are currently purchasing homes in the Orange County area however, we are expanding into the LA, Riverside and San Diego area in the near future.