What sort of real estate is Redwood Investments looking for?

We are currently seeking single or multi family homes in the coastal region of Southern California. We are happy to acquire fixer uppers, short sales, REOs or from sellers direct.

I know of someone who wishes to sell their house, would you be interested?

Most certainly. We are constantly seeking new inventory. If you know of someone who wishes to sell their house, please feel free to get in touch with us and ask about our commission program. If we’re able to close the deal, you may be eligible for a commission from us.

What are the benefits of purchasing from Redwood Investments?

At Redwood Investments, our homes go through a stringent rehab process before being put back out on the market. We put in a great deal of time and money to ensure that electrical systems, plumbing and other aspects of the home are up to date and up to code, ensuring that your home is safe.Most of our home are sold with a home warranty for the buyer’s peace of mind. The best part of buying from RWI’s inventory is that buyer will have the peace of mind that we wouldn’t sell you anything we wouldn’t own for ourselves.